A Super Smoothie For Good Health

Can you protect yourself from cancer with a red cabbage, oranges and beetroot juice smoothie? Yes, you can, according to Best Herbal Health.

Made with only three ingredients, what makes this drink so special and why does it possess healthy potential?

The secret is intertwined between the combination of red cabbage, beetroot and oranges. The cancer-preventing effect of both red cabbage and orange is related to richness of antioxidants they possess.

According to research conducted by U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, red cabbage is found to have 36 anti-cancer anthocyanins. These compounds are special types of flavonoids associated with cancer protection. Another study suggests that anthocyanins have twice the effect as compared to vitamin C. They almost instantly boost the immune system and create a perfect natural defense system.

Meanwhile, oranges strengthen the immune system . Our own CSIRO found that of all fruit, oranges are richest in antioxidants, which ‘mop up’ free radicals. You can read the full research paper by Dr Katrine Baghurst here.

The limonene compound found in oranges also stimulates detoxification of the antioxidant enzyme system.

Beetroot juice regenerates the liver and prevents aging. Beetroot is traditionally used as a cure for blood problems, specifically treatment of anemia, but also has beneficial effects on a number of other disorders. Beetroot successfully regulates the blood pressure and it is useful antipyretic, it lowers high temperature.

How do you make the smoothie?


  • 1/4 red cabbage
  • oranges
  • 3 cups fresh beetroot juice


Finely chop the red cabbage, squeeze the orange juice and add the beetroot juice. Blend everything until smooth. Drink on an empty stomach for the best health effects.

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