Our Fresh Fruit And Veg – Where Does It Come From?

Where does our produce come from? Local Aussie farmers and the Yuen’s shop buyers are the main ingredient for our fresh produce in store and wholesale, and there is a growing importance for consumers to know how the food they eat came from the farm, to their fork.

Stacking vegetablesHere at Yuen’s we pride ourselves on sourcing seasonal fresh fruit and veg from local farmers. We understand that what you put in, you get back, and by investing in locally grown food we are strengthening our closer community and the future of our food.

Aside from putting your dollars back into the Australian economy, buying local means we can provide seasonal produce that’s of abundance, which means cheaper eating for the everyday Australian.

Opposed to large chain supermarkets where by the produce has often been in transit or stored for weeks, our produce comes from pallet to plate within a 24-48 hour period! With only 20% of our produce sourced interstate.

Our commitment to buying local and keeping our prices low can occasionally put us a few weeks behind the chain supermarkets during seasonal change – you may notice this now coming into stone fruit season. We prefer to wait until the fruit is ripe of the picking here in our backyard, opposed to sourcing off shore…which we know our customers love!

We are proud to promote the support of local farmers, and so should you! So get involved and remember to give back to our Aussie farmers!

If supporting your local farmer is important to you, jump onto the ‘From Farm to Fork Spring 2015 Campaign’ and help make a difference.