Four Steps To A Healthy Spring Diet

Though we’ve been having a lot of rain and cool nights, it might come as a surprise that Spring is half over already and Summer is on the horizon.

Recent times have caused many of us to put on a few extra kilos, not to mention the usual weight gains of Winter. So have you given thought to a new mid-Spring diet? It’s easy.

Veg Out!

No, not by loafing on the sofa in front of Netflix; by eating the types of greens that fill you up the most for the least amount of calories.

Sating your hunger with a big low-calorie salad as a starter causes you to eat less during the rest of a meal. Low-cal salads may include iceberg and romaine lettuce, celery, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers. Fat-free dressings and light mozzarella will add extra zing if you find you need it. You’ll feel like if you’ve eaten heaps – just not a lot of calories.

Load Up

On legumes, that is, which means beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas for plant-based protein, fibre and slow-burning carbohydrates. Studies indicate lots of legumes lead to good health.

Make a Meal Plan

No need to obsess over it – just be mindful of what you’re going to eat before meal time arrives.

Stay Hydrated

So important as the weather warms up and water is your best option. But it can be a bit boring so why not add a sprig of fresh mint to your water. It adds refreshing flavour and can even help relieve spring allergy symptoms. Maybe dial in a slice of lime or lemon as well.