Cocofrio – The Guilt Free Ice Cream

Could a guilt free ice cream truly exist?! In our store…without question! Cocofrio is the healthy ice cream turning heads, and you can grab all 10 flavours in store here at Yuen’s!

Cocofrio From Salted Caramel to Choc Raspberry Ripple, Cocofrio Ice Cream is jam packed with Medium Chain Fatty Acids which aids digestion, manages bad cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol, helps stimulate our bodies metabolism, and supports the proper functioning of your thyroid – plus more!

Cocofrio ice cream also hosts the added benefits of coconuts and their milk, containing Omega 6 fatty acids, anti-oxidant compoundsthat help protect the body from the damaging effects of harmful free radicles, and above average levels of vitamins such as C, E, the B’s, iron, calcium, magnesium and more!

This dairy, gluten and guilt free coconut ice cream is made with only the best certified organic coconuts and makes for the perfect alternative to your standard dairy ice cream… from the health conscious, to the frustrated allergy sufferer, or just your everyday sweet tooth wanting something a little different!

Be sure to join the Cocofrio revelation and check out the certified delicious range in store now!