• That sweet ‘rough berry’ the raspberry

    The raspberry is thought to get its name from raspise, which was a sweet wine in the 15th century.  But it may also come from the old English word ‘rasp’ which means rough, so ‘rough berry’.

    Ever wondered why they’re sort of hollow in the middle? It’s because the stem remains on the plant when it’s […]

  • Where did the choko go?

    There was a time when every other Aussie backyard could be virtually guaranteed to have two specific things in it – a Hill’s hoist and a choko vine.

    The Hill’s hoist or similar designs are still fairly popular, but you don’t see the choko vine much anymore.

    That’s a pity because chokos are low fat and contain […]

  • Four Steps To A Healthy Spring Diet

    Though we’ve been having a lot of rain and cool nights, it might come as a surprise that Spring is half over already and Summer is on the horizon.

    Recent times have caused many of us to put on a few extra kilos, not to mention the usual weight gains of Winter. So have you given […]