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  • Walnut – the royal nut

    Usually used as a snack or garnish, the walnut was known as the ‘royal nut’ back around the year 1000.

    The two common species of walnuts grown today are the English walnut and the black walnut. The English walnut originated in Persia while the black walnut is native to North America. Being difficult to hull, the […]

  • A salute to the navel orange

    Navel oranges are so-called because they grow a second fruit at the apex (the opposite end to the stem) that looks like a person’s belly button. They’re in season generally from now to September, so now’s the time to enjoy them.

    Navels are easy to peel because they have thicker skin than other types, so they […]

  • Peach – the well-travelled fruit

    The juicy, tasty peach is a very well-travelled fruit. First cultivated in Eastern China – possibly as far back as neolithic times – its botanical name is Prunus persica.

    Persica references the fact that it was later cultivated widely throughout Persia, after being domesticated in Japan and before being taken to Europe. The name was attached […]

  • The Wonderful Watermelon

    Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits in the world. No wonder considering all there is that’s wonderful about them.

    Watermelon is the fruit of Citrullus lanatus, a flowering trailing vine-like plant. With more than 1000 varieties, it’s grown everywhere from tropical to temperate parts of the world.

    Funnily enough, technically the watermelon fruit is a […]

  • Balance That Diet!

    Eat more fruit and veggies! It’s important for optimal health to eat a balanced diet which involves fruit and vegetables, with wise choices in meats and processed foods.

    Fruit and veggies are low in calories, virtually fat-free, and high in fibre and antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. They are also hydrating! Fruits and veggies […]

  • That Sweet Little Stone Fruit The Cherry

    When we think of stone fruit we generally think of the likes of peaches or plums. But cherries are a stone fruit as well. They belong to the genus Prunus. They’re a fleshy ‘drupe’.

    The sweet Prunus avium is one of the popular varieties commercially harvested. Tart varieties are also popular.

    Cherries aren’t just tasty, they packed […]

  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year celebrates the start of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. In Chinese and other East and Southeast Asian cultures, the festival is often referred to as the Spring Festival which marks the first of the annual twenty-four solar terms. The first day of Chinese New Year begins on the new […]

  • Brush up on your potatoes!

    They say you should never judge a book by its cover. The same applies for vegetables – never judge a vegetable by its looks.

    Brushed potatoes still have bits of the soil they grew in on their outsides. The fact that you may have to wash them before cooking is a minor inconvenience when you consider […]

  • That sweet ‘rough berry’ the raspberry

    The raspberry is thought to get its name from raspise, which was a sweet wine in the 15th century.  But it may also come from the old English word ‘rasp’ which means rough, so ‘rough berry’.

    Ever wondered why they’re sort of hollow in the middle? It’s because the stem remains on the plant when it’s […]

  • Where did the choko go?

    There was a time when every other Aussie backyard could be virtually guaranteed to have two specific things in it – a Hill’s hoist and a choko vine.

    The Hill’s hoist or similar designs are still fairly popular, but you don’t see the choko vine much anymore.

    That’s a pity because chokos are low fat and contain […]

  • Four Steps To A Healthy Spring Diet

    Though we’ve been having a lot of rain and cool nights, it might come as a surprise that Spring is half over already and Summer is on the horizon.

    Recent times have caused many of us to put on a few extra kilos, not to mention the usual weight gains of Winter. So have you given […]