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  • Fruit – The Seedless Watermelon

    People often ask how you can have seedless watermelons. They were created in the 1940s by an American plant geneticist called Orie ‘O.J.’ Eigsti.

    A myth to get out of the way immediately is that seedless watermelons are genetically modified. They are not.

    A seedless watermelon is a sterile hybrid which is created by crossing male watermelon […]

  • Recipe – A Super Smoothie For Good Health

    Can you protect yourself from cancer with a red cabbage, oranges and beetroot juice smoothie? Yes, you can, according to Best Herbal Health.

    Made with only three ingredients, what makes this drink so special and why does it possess healthy potential?

    The secret is intertwined between the combination of red cabbage, beetroot and oranges. The cancer-preventing effect of […]