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  • The Time Of The Popular Pumpkin

    It’s that time of year when pumpkins are popular – but not necessarily to eat. October 31 is, of course, Halloween and kids young and old love a Halloween Jack O’Lantern.

    You can carve any type of pumpkin, gourd or squash. You’d be surprised at the wide range of pumpkin types that exist but shape really […]

  • Springing Into Spring’s Fruit And Vegetables

    Welcome to spring and all the delicious possibilities of the new season’s fruit and vegetable harvests!

    In the truest sense, spring in Australia starts on or around September 21 which is the spring equinox, the day when the southern hemisphere receives more sun than the northern hemisphere. This is the astronomical start to spring. However, we […]

  • Fruit Comes To The Fore In Winter Warming Recipes

    As the final days of Autumn give way to Winter this year, temperatures on the Gold Coast have been anything but chilly. Days are gloriously sunny and warm and only a few nights have warranted extra blankets on the bed.

    Nonetheless, winter will arrive and the genuinely cold weather will come with it very soon. When […]

  • Autumn’s Arrival Brings A Fruitful Bounty

    The cooler mornings have arrived; autumn is here and brings with it the end of the summer stone fruit season and the arrival of great fresh  produce that thrives most in the lead-up to winter.

    Artists, authors and philosophers often wax lyrical about this season. Albert Camus called it ‘a second spring when every leaf is […]

  • Our Illuminated Signage Is Up

    Our illuminated signage has been erected and everything is starting to come together – with a clear vision of the end product in sight!

    Our new horizontal louver blades across the high glazed glass complete our modem rustic exterior, and are complimented by the vertical slats now installed surrounding Waka Japanese alfresco dining, as seen from […]

  • The Luck Of The Aussie

    We’re so lucky in Australia. The growing season for the majority of vegetables is year round and summer sees most fruits available too.

    This is in contrast to many other parts of the world where the climate makes growing seasons somewhat limited. Of course, modern refrigeration and transport mean everyone can obtain a wide range of […]

  • Swing Into The New Year In Good Health

    It’s always such a relief to get to the end of the year and take the holiday break. It’s a chance not only to celebrate with family and friends but also to let ourselves go a little, to ‘party hearty’ and forget the rules for a few weeks.

    However, we all know party time has a […]

  • Stone Fruit Season Is Upon Us!

    In just a few weeks, Spring will give way to Summer. We’re so fortunate in Queensland – almost everything is in season at this time of year, especially during the hottest months. What makes it even better is that the lead-in to Summer also marks the beginning of stone fruit season.

    There’s a reason why so […]

  • New Year, New Yuen’s

    We have had a dramatic face-lift, and we couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present!

    Our new extended shop front eave makes for a more spacious entrance, whilst expanding our store floor and offering further retail space.

    With ample car parking available, access to the market and surrounding new tenants is made easy via a new […]

  • All Things Halloween At Yuen’s

    October 31 is, of course, Halloween and it falls on a Saturday this year which is likely to make it more popular among children  – if not always with parents! – for the annual neighbourhood round of ‘trick-or-treat’.

    Nonetheless, it’s a better day for it than the usual task of accompanying the kids door to door […]

  • Our Fresh Fruit And Veg – Where Does It Come From?

    Where does our produce come from? Local Aussie farmers and the Yuen’s shop buyers are the main ingredient for our fresh produce in store and wholesale, and there is a growing importance for consumers to know how the food they eat came from the farm, to their fork.

    Here at Yuen’s we pride ourselves on sourcing seasonal […]